Focussing on Housing Associations

Technology in Housing

The housing crisis is set to be a hot topic in next year's general election.  Technology has its part to play in the solution and Tom Mather from NetDef is working with a number of housing associations to help them acheive more with their limited budgets.

Regenda Group have benefitted from NetDef's Professional Services in resolving network issues - read more in our case study

Tom has been actively posting on our blog and Twitter accounts.  Read the Housing blog thread here

Fin's focus on Professional Services

NetDef Managed Services get the balance right

Recently, Fin has been investing time with IT departments and end user groups of some of the leading legal and accountancy organisations to understand what is driving their IT decisions - their headaches, aspirations and “hot” topics when it comes to IT.

It quickly became clear that end users want IT to help the organisation work smarter, reduce costs and ultimately drive more profits by better business practices. IT Directors want the same, but can struggle to deliver due to focus being on maintaining day to day operations.

NetDef Managed Services are the answer to the problem by improving core delivery and reducing costs.

Storage efficiency in practice

Rapid growth of unstructured data, rising hardware costs, inefficient and outmoded data storage - sound familiar?

NetDef offers a more flexible, cost-effective and efficient way for your organisation to reach its storage goals.

We have a range of NetApp built-to-grow data storage solutions designed to help you to:
- Increase performance and efficiency for your money
- Eliminate downtime and service infrastructure without disrupting apps
- Keep up with growth while protecting your investment

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The benefits of Managed Services

NetDef Managed Services Provide Peace of Mind

After 16 years of providing Managed Services, we have a lot of experience under our belts.  With experience comes peace of mind for our customers, who come to us for a number of reasons:
- We provide skills they don't have in house - our technicians are all highly accredited
- We do the tasks they don't want to do - our processes are all best practice
- We can operate at a lower overall cost than in house resource

The team have started blogging to share their knowledge.  Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to keep up to date with their updates.