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Dave Discusses: The Internet of Everything

Most people in our industry have heard of the internet of things; the process of objects sharing information wirelessly. Cisco predicts that between now and 2022, $19 trillion in value is at stake for organisations willing to take advantage of the opportunity.

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Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

Most organisations have taken steps to counter the threat posed by DDoS. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to mitigate against these attacks as they become larger and more sophisticated.

How do DDoS vendors keep up with the changes to the styles of attack and their increasing volume? Well, if we look at RioRey in particular, we can see that the answer is “knowledge”.

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NetDef Professional Services deliver rapid success

NetDef Professional Services deliver rapid success for Housing Association

NetDef were engaged by The Regenda Group to resolve persistent slow system performance. Regenda, a leading independent North West housing and regeneration organisation, had engaged other third parties before turning to NetDef to help them.

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Think differently about the value of storage

Think differently about the value of storage

A recent survey from CIO Insight found that 60 per cent of CIOs thought the quantity of their business  data would outpace their current storage solutions in the next 12 months. 

It is clear that businesses need a storage infrastructure that offers them flexibility at a cost-effective price.

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