The Business Need for BYOD

The Business Need for BYOD

The way we do business is increasingly evolving, bringing about new possibilities which in turn create new challenges.  Security is one of the most significant challenges facing organisations with mobile workforces.  The very nature of mobile devices - their small size coupled with users’ tendency to carry them everywhere - increases the likelihood of them being dropped, lost, or stolen.  The cost of continually replacing lost or broken mobile devices multiplies when they contain sensitive or confidential information.

One of the growing challenges we face as organisations is reducing costs without compromising security.  Employees inevitably want to bring their own personal devices to work and use them for corporate email and network access.  As a result, companies must now manage a diverse array of handsets and operating systems, as well as accommodating both personal and corporate information on one device.

With this is mind, there are 5 key areas of concern for any organisation undertaking the shift to an environment in which their employees can use their own devices for work – making BYOD workable for employees and the IT department alike:

  • Security: overcoming the risks involved with lost or stolen phones carrying sensitive, corporate data
  • Corporate Partition: defining the boundaries between personal and corporate data
  • Usability: ensure that access is based on a simple icon system that requires nothing more than the click of a button
  • Management: manage different user groups, different sets of parameters for your drivers, and facilitate varying geographical parameters
  • Cost control: an effective and efficient solution - managing the true cost of mobility.

With these 5 key factors in mind, an organisation’s mobile world will be more productive, more flexible, and more cost-efficient.

Security is one of the most significant challenges facing organisations with mobile workforces. The very nature of mobile devices increases the likelihood of them being dropped, lost, or stolen.

The Solution

DME (Dynamic Mobile Exchange) from Excitor manages, administers and secures your organisation’s entire mobile fleet.  This solution offers secure access to corporate email, calendar, contacts and documents to any employee - on a broad range of smartphones and mobile devices.  DME can also keep constant track of all mobile traffic costs and helps you mobilise business processes.

DME enables organisations to:

  • Utilise employees’ own mobile devices and/or data tariffs to produce significant savings
  • Use a corporate sandbox/container to address security concerns and provide complete separation of enterprise data from personal data
  • Support personal devices without any need to restrict a user’s personal usage in any way with absolutely no need to wipe their personal data
  • Use a secure browser to enable on-line access to corporate intranet, web applications and SharePoint
  • Utilise a secure architecture that was CESG accredited in 2011 under the CESG CCTM scheme

DME has been a leading enterprise mobility solution for the last 10 years with customers including Ericsson, British American Tobacco, PwC plus numerous Local and National Government organisations.

Why work with NetDef?

Secure, remote access to business systems gives your organisation real productivity benefits - supporting flexible, remote and mobile working.

NetDef is a Sales and Implementation Partner for DME – enabling us to help you to push the boundaries and maximise the benefits of business mobilisation, while guaranteeing the highest levels of security.

Contact us to see how DME solutions enable truly flexible and secure mobile working