NetDef is focused on enabling standards-based networks that are free to grow, evolve and adapt to an organisation's changing requirements.

There’s no denying that connectivity is critical to enabling organisations to conduct their everyday business.  As more and more devices have become connected, the complexity of networks has escalated and the possibility of not being able to connect is now unthinkable.  Networks are strategic enablers for innovation and competitive advantage requiring consideration, insight and strategic design and deployment.

NetDef has almost 20 years’ experience of delivering and managing our customer’s networks with reliability, availability and security always of paramount importance.  Our customers also experience significant cost savings, reduced energy consumption and lower total cost of ownership through working with us to update their networks.  Many of our customers have stayed with us for over ten years and others have come to us via word of mouth references from peers who have valued the work we have done for them.  Such is the extent of our insight and experience in the networking market, Cisco have made us part of their Velocity Round Table – an inner sanctum of Cisco partners who advise and feed back to Cisco on developments and real-life implementations in the market place.

Our pre- and post-sale consultancy and implementation teams are highly accredited with a select group of vendors we consider to be best in class.  As networking technology evolves, we pride ourselves on working hard to understand how developments could bring both commercial and technical benefits to our customers. 

Work with NetDef to ensure that you have a network infrastructure that fully supports your organisation’s objectives – enhancing performance and securing productivity.